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Replace Gson by Jackson on legal tag creation in LegalService

Resolves the issue: [Bug] 'expirationDate' field is serialized incorrectly due to the use of Gson

  1. Add ObjectMapper to LegalService.
  2. Change<Object>) by<String>) in LegalService using ObjectMapper.
  3. Add LegalServiceTest to check the field expirationDate serializes correctly.

Changes include

  • Refactoring
  • Bugfix (non-breaking change that solves an issue)
  • New feature (non-breaking change that adds functionality)
  • Breaking change (change that is not backwards-compatible and/or changes current functionality)


  • Added Unit Tests, wherever applicable.
  • Updated the Readme
  • Existing Tests passed
  • Verified functionality locally
  • Self Reviewed my code for formatting and complex business logic.
Edited by Rostyslav Matushkin (SLB)

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