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Fix for adding api name in logs.

Harsheet Shah requested to merge harsheet-apinamefix into master

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This fix is to add the columns for api method and operation name in logs.

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Example logs: Eg1: 2022-05-10 11:06:14.488 INFO MININT-PH6PVLC --- [nio-8083-exec-2] TxnLogger correlation-id=1ee41a0b-c42e-4f6f-9bb2-6edc837b6031 data-partition-id=opendes api-method=GET operation-name={GET [/_dps/task-handlers/test/{testId}]} user-id=51d2f791-795b-4c8d-9657-cd23b1f9f2a7 app-id=: End Web-API GET /_dps/task-handlers/test/harsheet/ Headers: {correlation-id:1ee41a0b-c42e-4f6f-9bb2-6edc837b6031,content-type:application/json} status=200 time=102 ms {correlation-id=1ee41a0b-c42e-4f6f-9bb2-6edc837b6031, data-partition-id=opendes}

Eg2: 2022-05-10 11:06:43.731 INFO MININT-PH6PVLC --- [nio-8083-exec-3] TxnLogger correlation-id=6dae3b30-3f36-4a36-a597-caae25c51c20 data-partition-id=opendes **api-method=POST operation-name={POST [/_dps/task-handlers/index-worker], consumes [application/json]} user-id=51d2f791-795b-4c8d-9657-cd23b1f9f2a7 **app-id=: Start Web-API POST /_dps/task-handlers/index-worker Headers: {data-partition-id:opendes,content-type:application/json} {correlation-id=6dae3b30-3f36-4a36-a597-caae25c51c20, data-partition-id=opendes}

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MR is about adding api/operation name in logs for azure

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