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Fetch only the required event grid topic details

Alok Joshi requested to merge fetch_only_relevant_egrid into master

Upon Storage PUT api (a recordschanged event), we are trying to get all event grid properties from partition info, and successively their secret value from KV. This is redundant. As we add other topics for other events, we only want to pull the event grid properties for the relevant event.

For example, one of the PUTC workflows is adding schemachanged event. Currently, even this property gets pulled (since it matches the regex). This causes 2 issues:

  1. If the secrets associated with this property are missing in KV, Storage PUT records workflow doesn't work. This is a major blocker for the most used api
  2. This is also causing throttling issues on KV access due to too many reads

This change aims to fix this issue by accessing eventgrid property only relevant to topic name

Edited by Alok Joshi

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