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Configurable Retry And Timeout for Entitlements Service

Muskan Srivastava requested to merge muskans-corelibazure-retry into master

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What is the issue or story related to the change?

This change is a step forward to enable the services to configure following variables for service-to-service communication:

  • Retry count for service unavailable strategy
  • Connect timeout
  • Connection Request Timeout
  • Socket Timeout

These configurations can only be used for entitlements service for now.

High level design: This MR adds 5 classes in total.

  • RetryAndTimeoutConfiguration : contains configuration variables
  • HttpClientHandlerAzure : extends HttpClientHandler, and sets variables as picked up by RetryAndTimeoutConfiguration
  • HttpClientAzure : uses UrlFetchServiceImpl(which in turn use IHttpClientHandler type) internally, and implements IHttpClient. Currently, Services require a type of IHttpClient to make service-to-service calls
  • EntitlementsAPIConfigAzure : creates a bean of type EntitlementsAPIConfig
  • EntitlementsFactoryAzure : uses newly created HttpClientAzure internally so that configurable retires can be used for Entitlements Service.

Does this introduce a breaking change?

  • NO

Pending items

Following MRs will be brought further :

  • Addition of Factory classes of other services on lines of EntitlementsFactoryAzure will be added.
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