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Bump spring-boot-dependencies from 3.2.5 to 3.3.1

Bumps spring-boot-dependencies from 3.2.5 to 3.3.1.

Release notes

Sourced from spring-boot-dependencies's releases.


:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • SQL Server JDBC URL is malformed after adding org.springframework.boot.jdbc.parameters label #41169
  • Git instant properties cannot be coerced following git-commit-id Maven plugin upgrade #41152
  • Excluding status code from DefaultErrorAttributes throws NPE #41141
  • Spring Boot remote restart with devtools causes 'factory already defined' Tomcat error when running with 'java -jar' #41107
  • MongoHealthIndicator not compliant with Mongo stable API with strict setting #41104
  • Service connection for bitnami mongodb fails to connect #41097
  • Image building requires builder to specify a stack #41091
  • DataSourceProperties fail to bind if java.sql module isn't included #41084
  • AOT causes Logback configuration error when using include #41081
  • Image building hangs when builder and buildpack are configured #41049
  • IllegalArgumentException when trying to use Tomcat's HttpNio2Protocol with Spring Boot-configured SSL #41010
  • Uber jar fails to start when it contains a dependency with Multi-Release: true in its manifest and unexpected file entries in META-INF/versions #41006
  • JSP-related resources may not be found in an executable war file when using Jetty #40996
  • The value of the tomcat.threads.config.max metric is always -1, irrespective of the configured maximum number of threads #40957
  • The auto-configured reactiveNeo4jTransactionManager may cause a failure due to multiple TransactionManager beans #40953
  • Application fails to start when server.tomcat.threads.max < 10 #40945
  • SBOM actuator endpoint doesn't work in a native image #40939
  • Starter parent applies its configuration of the CycloneDX Maven plugin too broadly #40927
  • buildInfo does not work with Gradle 8.7 or later when the configuration cache is enabled #40924
  • Prometheus Exemplars are missing from _count #40904
  • Extract fails due to a duplicate entry when BOOT-INF/classes contains a directory that's also present in the root of the jar #40903
  • sbom is not available to the actuator endpoint when using bootRun or bootWar #40890
  • A newline character is missing from the start of the default banner #40889

📔 Documentation

  • Fix links to Spring AMQP's javadoc #41144
  • Document more precisely how a Container's Docker image name is used to find the matching service connection #41123
  • Cross-link to the CDS how-to guide #41118
  • Fix typos in javadoc of MockServerRestClientCustomizer and MockServerRestTemplateCustomizer #41065
  • Improve readability when listing three pillars of observability #41064
  • Add CDS training run configuration documentation #41045
  • Document the need to switch to io.micrometer:micrometer-registry-prometheus-simpleclient to use the Prometheus push gateway #40993
  • Improve consistency of documentation guidelines for packaging and running applications #40977
  • Fix typos in method names and javadoc #40976
  • Replace hard-coded links to Micrometer in documentation #40967
  • Add Kotlin example for @Testcontainers #40943
  • Fix various minor inconsistencies of the documentation #40942
  • Warn in the documentation that can only be used in non-profile-specific documents #40941
  • Broken Micrometer links in documentation #40916
  • Document Buildpacks CDS and Spring AOT support #40762

🔨 Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Byte Buddy 1.14.17 #41066
  • Upgrade to FreeMarker 2.3.33 #41067
  • Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.7.3 #41068

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