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Cherry-pick: Fix indexer init container in GC

Siarhei Poliak [EPAM / GCP] requested to merge cherry-pick-a070e1f1 into release/0.26

Fix gc indexer asm

This MR is a Cherry Pick into a Release Branch. When running the init container for the indexer in GC implementation with the ASM configuration. The init container cannot receive a list of partitions from the service partitions. This fix solves this problem. The solution with an init container allows you to launch the indexer only after the bootstrap partition has added the entire configuration to the partition service. Without this solution and its correction, the indexer may receive an incorrect (empty configuration) from the partition, which will lead to its incorrect indexer operation.

Original MR: !737 (merged) (cherry picked from commit a070e1f1) c0464857 Update deployment.yaml excludeOutboundPorts

Edited by Siarhei Poliak [EPAM / GCP]

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