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Cherry-pick: Merge branch 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' into 'release/0.25'

Chad Leong requested to merge cherry-pick-a52ed205 into release/0.25

Index AsIngestedCoordinates

See merge request !650 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit a52ed205)

dc57d66a Removed any CRS from skipped definitions 2943ba92 Added first point extraction for AsIngested coordinates 4987bd48 Added mapping for AsIngested coordinates a728053e Update indexer mapping 9871366d Add integration tests for AsIngestedCoordinates 0ed814ba Additional unit tests a0be159a Update AsIngestedCoordinates unit tests 05800fad Remove GeoShapeDecimationSetting f1c5738c Revert .gitignore 602c726d Add featureFlag 94c6e676 Merge branch 'master' of... be0b5991 updated per review with refactoring for clarity 93fa437c Address MR comments e47451fb Merge branch 'master' of... 264acf4b Update feature flag configs 0047a582 adding feature flag information under Preview feature tutorial for awareness 52128b6d updated NOTICE from fossa scan 52c31706 update pom.xml files with updated Spring dependencies 72a4c3a7 refactoring from MR comments bd4b16b8 Merge branch 'master' into 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' c3413f68 update testing pom.xmls 4fac0720 Simplify addAsIngestedCoordinatesFieldsToSchema method cfb93e9a Merge branch 'master' into 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' ce5261e4 Fix tags e71b164c Merge branch 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' of... 624df6e1 Change feature flag name 91a178a3 Update NOTICE 8b15d3e1 Move feature flag name to Constants dd19bc4b Merge branch 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' of... 295280ee add missing test methods 85a33689 Merge branch 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' of... 851a047d Adjust tests tags 8bf088ce tweak test-gc cucumber properties to get proper tests to run a0799d30 Merge branch 'master' of... b0c70cb5 Create new records f5a1bc1f Add new schema creation b2d37454 Merge branch 'master' of... c13ce838 Sync elastic data mapping with index schema 7c322f79 Update 5603d51e Update - turn asIngested off 68d9698d Remove missing metaAttributes check f46ee018 Merge branch 'feature/index-as-ingested-coordinates' of... 73261297 Revert turn asIngested off

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