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Indexer to read from Schema Service as well as Storage Schema

Pavel Bachyla requested to merge add-schema-service-v2 into master
  • Changes should touch only Azure functionality (other cloud provider indexers have to work as before)
  • All cloud provides can have a look at changes and implement in the same way
  • Changes should not break any existing functionallity on Azure side (added call to schema service if schema is not found on the Storage Service)
  • Indexer service now checks schema on the Storage Service, if the schema is not found it tries to retrieve from the Schema Service and converts the obtained schema to the Storage service format.
  • Later Storage service calls will be deprecated
  • Integration tests have been updated and based on Schema service
  • Unit tests were adopted to check files from R3 OSDU delivery schema set (place new files, generate with py script expected output, runt unit test and compare results)

Please see for more details #7 (closed)

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