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Implement Redis cache in Azure for two kinds of object caches that are...

Zhibin Mai requested to merge records_redis_cache_for_azure into master

This is follow-up of the MR Index extended properties defined in property configurations.

The Augmenter/Index Extension require a bunch of caches to gain performance or overcome the delay of index update in the underline elastic search. Most of them are not required to be synchronized across the indexer service except the two kinds of data (records or record change information between the previous version and the current version) that could be used when doing indexing chasing operations (e.g. index update for a Wellbore record may need to chase the index update for the Wellbore's children records, e.g. WellLog records).

In this MR, we adopt the Redis to caches these two kinds of data for Azure. Other CSPs, e.g. GCP and AWS, should implement similar solution.

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