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Catch the generic exception that might be thrown from FetchServiceHttpRequest.sendRequest(...) API

Zhibin Mai requested to merge augmenter_search_exception into master

when indexer receives event(s) to index a record, it will try to get the schema of the record and build the internal format of the schema when the schema of the record is not in the cache. If the augmenter feature is enabled, the indexer will call search service to find out whether the given kind has index property configuration so that it can combine the original schema with the schema of the extended properties to create a combined internal schema and use it to build the data block. If the exception from the search service is uncaught, the step to build the internal schema will fail and the indexer won't be able to populate the data block.

This MR is to catch generic exception instead of the exception with type (URISyntaxException) defined in the dependent interface FetchServiceHttpRequest.sendRequest(...).

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