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fix: don't log stack traces for missing record properties

Brandt Beal requested to merge fix-ex-logging into master

When indexer looks for properties on a storage record and a property can't be found an exception is thrown which is logged. Since the log statement includes the original exception the stack trace is unwound creating a performance issue (cpu/network) which essentially kills underpowered containers. The exception stack trace doesn't provide any additional information and by removing it fixes the performance issue for current data ingestion workloads.

o.o.o.c.common.logging.DefaultLogWriter : record-id: opendes:doc:b55f7ee408354a7b9b48cd2b443fbf16 | error fetching property: Data.IndividualTypeProperties.Curves.InterpreterName | error: Unknown property 'InterpreterName' on class 'class java.util.ArrayList' {correlation-id=16b8f17d-3ded-462d-9c14-83204bf45fb9, data-partition-id=opendes}

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