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Consistent naming for Container and Spring App names

Krishna Nikhil Vedurumudi requested to merge logsFix into master

Type of change

  • Bug Fix
  • Feature

Please provide link to gitlab issue or ADR(Architecture Decision Record)

Does this introduce a change in the core logic?

  • [NO]

Does this introduce a change in the cloud provider implementation, if so which cloud?

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • IBM

Does this introduce a breaking change?

  • [NO]

What is the current behavior?

The Cloud Role name used for the service is indexer-service whereas the Spring Application Name was set to indexer. Due to which the templatized dashboards that we have created have started to fail and not give results for indexer service and indexer queue.

What is the new/expected behavior?

Rename springboot-application-name

Have you added/updated Unit Tests and Integration Tests?


Any other useful information

Logs visible in the dashboard post the change


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