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M15 improvements - correlation, logging, tests, admincli

Shane Hutchins requested to merge correlation_admincli_policysvc into master

Adding initial support for #77 (closed) not all APIs - just translate and diag log it but all APIs capture/generate for outgoing requests.

Policy Service changes:

  • Correlation-ID support for /diag and /translate APIs
  • Outbound Correlation-ID support (to entitlement)
  • Configurable Correlation-ID generation support (on by default)
  • Logging changes (many) including color logs when using Correlation-IDs
  • New config ENABLE_DEV_DIAGNOSTICS_DUMP to enable diag without troubleshooting eval test/troubleshooting dumps.
  • Requirements changes

AdminCLI Changes:

  • Removing x-user-id from header by default, now only when set
  • Added new header x-local-user-id
  • Added Correlation-ID generation and to header by default, can be disabled for testing
  • Added verbose option to print Correlation-ID when running commands (for troubleshooting/testing)
  • Improved error messages/exit status
  • Added check for valid json with eval command
  • Added --random to legal-tags command to get a single random legal tag (great for testing)
  • Added --random-id to search command to get a single random id from search (great for testing)
  • Updated requirements
  • Testing download/output cleanup
  • Fixes tests for data-partition-id (that are not osdu)
  • Added many more tests including:
    • search->storage workflows, including random testing
    • search->dataset workflows, including downloads and random testing
    • new command options
    • eval command testing
    • translate command testing
    • Some tests added to help preship testing
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