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bugfix and updates for M14

Shane Hutchins requested to merge bugfix_and_updates into master
  • Translate update to better handle deny evaluations. Instead of returning HTTP_500_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR because of code issues it will now return HTTP_406_NOT_ACCEPTABLE. This will later need to be improved, but it's handling it gracefully now. Related to #76 (closed)
  • Additional json and search_deny.rego policy for testing (which will get picked up during pytest)
  • Improved logging for translate
  • Bugfix for CLOUD_PROVIDER=LOCAL, confusing message #75 (closed)
  • Documentation update
  • Improved logging for bundles
  • Bundle storage fix for IBM - only impacts IBM, but a real bug in M14
  • Improved logging for entitlements auth requests and now setting a timeout (for troubleshooting reported issues in M14)
  • Policy Service AdminCLI improvements
    • better error handling with requests
    • New commands opa-add, opa-rm (to support testing/debugging)
    • New option --domain for eval
    • New option --walk for compile
    • Added non-zero exit status for failures where missing
    • AdminCLI version change to 0.0.2
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