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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • ImpactPatch
    OSDU Software / OSDU Data Platform
    Used on MRs that have bugfixes or optimizations with no changes to features, therefore requiring a patch version bump on the next release.
  • IssueADR
    OSDU Software
    An Architectural Decision Record (ADR) is a result of an issue backlog on feature request/enhancement, defect fixing, or a new OSDU standard that has triggered the need for a new design (perhaps requiring new technology selections, architecture patterns)
  • IssueDefect
    OSDU Software
    A defect is an issue that is a software error, flaw or fault that causes that project or repo or service to produce an incorrect or unexpected result per the OSDU standard or requirements or that it behaves in unintended ways. A defect can be further categorized as a defect in the common code in the PMC project or as a defect within the CSP realization of the PMC project to ensure that it can be targeted towards the right development resource to address this issue.
  • IssueDocumentation
    OSDU Software
    Issue related to documentation
  • IssueDuplicate
    OSDU Software
    This label indicates that the issue is a duplicate and there has been a related issue created
  • IssueEnhancement Request
    OSDU Software
    An enhancement may be made to address specific user needs or requests, or they may be made to address broader goals, such as increasing the efficiency or effectiveness of the software. May or may not require an ADR depending on the nature of the change. This applies to improving or enhancing existing software behavior only, without introducing new features.
  • IssueFeature Request
    OSDU Software
    A feature request is an issue that is either a new requirement that needs software changes, new feature development (perhaps requiring new repos, sub-projects or new PMC projects). This request needs to follow an ADR that provides enough clarity on the requirement, the definition of done, impact of changes and other necessary attributes so the issue can be curated and moved up in life cycle. May require an entry in Aha portal.
  • IssueInactive
    OSDU Software
    This issue requires further information but lack of responses from submitter. Close after inactivity for more than 6 months.
  • IssueNon Issue
    OSDU Software
    This issue has been reviewed and confirmed that it is not an issue but rather an intended behavior/operational issue/basic query.
  • IssueProcess Decision
    OSDU Software
    A process decision record (PDR) is a result of an process inefficiency where a new OSDU practice that has agreed to address the existing process inefficiency (perhaps requiring new process, operation patterns)
  • IssueRefactor
    OSDU Software
    Issue regarding work related to code clean ups/refactoring/optimization
  • IssueTask
    OSDU Software
    A task is an issue where developers use to track the ongoing activities, e.g. could be a clean up. Not necessarily a defect or backlog.
  • IssueTesting Improvement
    OSDU Software
    This issue relates to improving or introducing unit testing, integration, or automation in code testing
  • IssueUnder Review
    OSDU Software
    This issue needs to be confirmed if this is the intended behavior of the service
  • KBBacklog
    OSDU Software
    Issue life cycle label: Label applied to indicate that issues are confirmed, but no active work are in progress. Pending volunteers to pick up.
  • KBDone
    OSDU Software
    Issue life cycle label: These are activities that have been completed
  • KBIn Progress
    OSDU Software
    Issue life cycle label: This is where the work is happening
  • KBOn Hold
    OSDU Software
    Issue life cycle label: These are activities that have been placed on hold, either because of a blocking factor or displaced by a higher priority
  • KBUp Next
    OSDU Software
    These are the activities that have been prioritized to start next
  • M10
    OSDU Software
    Label used to indicate issue found during M10 milestone