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Migrate python image to use MCR


  • Copied Dockerfile to devops/azure location and updated FROM in new Dockerfile to use python image from Microsoft Container Registry (this is to avoid other cloud providers using MCR)
  • Updated azure-containerize job in pipeline to build image from new Dockerfile location
  • Updated azure_test_py job in pipeline to rerun flaky tests with maximum retry set to 3 and delay of 1s (this is to improve integration test reliability as there are flaky tests failing due to timeout errors)
  • ADO work item: Securing the containers supply chain - Wellbore


  • Local testing has passed successfully and new image is being used

  • aure_containerize step is pulling python image from MCR in MR pipeline


  • Azure integration tests have passed successfully in MR pipeline

  • ibm-test job is failing in pipeline which is known issue and there was no change done for ibm deployment

  • Additional testing will be done on Azure side with build pipeline against m12-master branch

Edited by Marija Dukic

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