Merge branch 'aws-update-eks-fix' into 'master'

Closed Swapnil Pancholi requested to merge azure/m12-backfill into master

Fix for Aws-update-eks on pipeline

See merge request !561 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit a282f157)

8da34081 publish new branch 82d91daf ref aws-update-eks-fix bracnh for aws-global 59506aa3 entrypoint changes from app.wdms_app to app.base 1e043ddc reverting last changes made to the file 746f08db exit code echo out 8f5e54a4 Update .gitlab-ci.yml 693e4d9f Update 85985dc9 fixing commit issue 33a10ee9 Merge branch 'master' into aws-update-eks-fix

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