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Make Application Insight instrumentation key as an optional parameter for Wellbore DDMS


  • The changes in this merge request are part of fixing bug backlog item - 229.
  • Modified the instrumentation argument AZ_AI_INSTRUMENTATION_KEY is_mandatory flag from "True" to "False"
  • Modified files like logger and traces files where the azure exporter is created.


  • Followed steps from the Readme file to run unit tests and they completed successfully.
  • Created new instance VkTestInstance2 with resource group as Compute-rg-vkTestInstance2-nwfmqs, kubernetes service aks-vq7hvwrlwvbhm. There were 2 changes made in the YAML file of kubernetes:
  1. Modified the container to point to the image: manual-wellbore-ddms1:latest which is changes made as part of fixing this bug.
   - name: wellbore-ddms
  1. Removed AZ_AI_INSTRUMENTATION_KEY env from the YAML script and found that container for wellbore-ddms did not crash and ran successfully. Also verified log errors in jarvis and found that the logs failing due to "ValueError: Invalid instrumentation key." were no longer visible.
                  name: central-logging
                  key: appinsights

Before code change:

  1. In case we remove AZ_AI_INSTRUMENTATION_KEY env from the YAML file of wellbore-ddms service in that case the container used to crash with error as "CrashLoopBackOff" and in the jarvis we used to get "ValueError: Invalid instrumentation key." error.
Edited by Vaibhavi Kamani

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