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[For MSFT Team Review]: Add `or` operator

[Internal PR, target branch is not master]

Updates description?

Support for 'not' operator

How to test

Test with the http://localhost:5000/seistore-svc/api/v3/swagger-ui.html/#/Dataset/dataset-list-post. The example body can be tweaked.

  1. Make sure that there are datasets with name beginning with "W" that contain tagA or tagB or both are returned.

{ "search": "name=W%", "select": "[name, path, created_by, gtags]", "filter": { "or": [{ "property": "gtags", "operator": "CONTAINS", "value": "tagA" }, { "property": "gtags", "operator": "CONTAINS", "value": "tagB" }] } }

You can try other combinations.

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