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Filtering support for bulk deletion

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  • Refactors the listDatasets() function implementation to first generate a query and then list the datasets.
  • Adds a new listDatasetsQuery() that returns a query SQL.
  • Encapsulates the parameters used in listDatasets() in a ListDatasetsParams object; adds a new recursive parameter which allows listing datasets recursively also in subfolders.
  • Adds a STARTSWITH filter to the Cosmos DB implementation to support listing datasets recursively.
  • Adds a query retrieving datasets to the Redis queue message that triggers a bulk-delete job. Deletes the unused path from the message; the remaining fields (tenant, subproject) have not been deleted from the message as they are required in the deletion runner to obtain locks for the datasets.
  • Updates the deletion runner to use the ready query instead of a hardcoded one to fetch datasets for deletion.
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