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added reason for 423 error message

Diego Molteni requested to merge trusted-slb/dm3/reason-423 into master

Added Reason Code to the 423 Error Message. Clients applications can better detect the status of the lock error and correctly handle their flow. The Reason is a string code placed at the end to the error message an has this form:

"[" + RCODE(fixed-tag) + ":" + REASON-CODE(2-char-code) + TTL(sec-number) + "]"

The REASON-CODE possible values are:

  • WL: The dataset is write locked
  • RL: The dataset is read locked
  • CL: The dataset can't be locked (lock cache mutex can't be acquired)
  • CU: The dataset can't be unlocked (lock cache mutex can't be released)

For example:

[seismic-store] The dataset is write locked [RCODE:WL3600]

swagger documentation updated.

Edited by Diego Molteni

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