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GONRG-2143. Add cloudbuild.yaml file for implementing multistage build for Seismic DDMS

Use gcloud command to start build process:

gcloud builds submit --config provider/seismic-store-gcp/cloudbuild/cloudbuild.yaml --substitutions=_GCP_SERVICE=OSDU_GCP_SERVICE,_APPLICATION_NAME=OSDU_GCP_APPLICATION_NAME,_PROVIDER_NAME=OSDU_GCP_VENDOR,_SHORT_SHA=CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA

Logs are available at the link.

  • On Step#0 - "builder" Cloudbuilder prepare an image for for building the artifact.
  • On Step#1 - "runtime" We use a multistage Docker file.
    • On the stage#0 Cloudbuilder uses the image from previous step and builds the artifact.
    • On the stage#1 Cloudbuilder copies the artifact from stage#0 to a new clean "node" image and builds a final image. Which then uploads to the GCR.
Edited by Maksimelyan Tamashevich (EPAM)

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