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GC specific: Cherry-pick the MR!619 in release/0.19

Aliaksandr Ramanovich (EPAM) requested to merge cherry-pick-eea31a32 into release/0.19

fix: add protected redis to seismic helm

See merge request !619 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit eea31a32)

9d232512 fix: add protected redis to seismic helm 717e6bac fix: delete unused file 699e3f8c fix: add allow_failure e7d2bda6 fix: update files 70e75127 fix: behind commits 85401f35 fix: modify parameters and info about it a4f61d25 fix: testing ci-cd pipeline 4f4be20b fix: remove typo dfd8e138 fix: testing pragma allow 045598ce fix: retest d75cb083 fix: fix typo 3dd9c409 fix: test anthos ci-cd aa2c7775 fix: testing ci-cd 151d035e fix: testing ci-cd dev2 e2ca556f fix: testing ci-cd b101c1bf fix: delete DDMS 62a8aed4 fix: delete spaces 696b3b93 fix: delete spaces e28e6373 fix: update host and port for variables 6dd8aacf fix: rollback 930e3e55 fix: add spaces 93342cf5 fix: fix typo

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