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feat: update subproject acl options

POST subproject If the body contains both admin and viewer ACLs, do not create the default ACLs If the body contains only admin, create default viewer If the body contains only viewer, create default admin

DELETE subproject If subproject has default ACLs, delete the default ACLs (current behavior, but only happens if the group were created)

PATCH subproject If the admin or viewer group in the PATCH body are empty arrays (viewer: [] or admin: []) then do not change the ACLs If default ACLs are removed, call the entitlement service to delete the default ACL that are removed. (it could be one or both)

PUT user Add user to the default ACL if it exists, otherwise, add the user to the first group

DELETE user Remove user from the default ACL if it exists, otherwise, remove the user from the first group

NOTE: this branch was created to replace this one: !511 (closed) after rename the branch

Edited by Diego Molteni

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