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fix: list sub-projects returns datasets from other sub-projects

Diego Molteni requested to merge slb/dm3/fix-sql-azure into master

Replaced the generic LIKE rule with a RegExMatch in the SQL query and URI Encode it before sending it to the sidecar.

The SQL query select datasets in a subproject using the rule "id LIKE sp-<tenant_name>-<subproject_name>-%" In case a subproject contains a "-" in the name, it can be wrongly selected.

For example:

tenant_name = "opendes"

subproject_name_01= "sandbox"

subproject_name_02 = "sandbox-test"

To select datasets in "sandbox" using the rule "id LIKE sp-opendes-sandbox-%" also wrongly select dataset in "sandbox-test"

replacing the SQL LIKE rule with the RegexMath fixes the issue

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