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feat: schema management for openzgy and segy datasets

Varunkumar Manohar requested to merge slb/vm/domain-api-changeset-1 into master

This MR accomplishes the following

  1. Schemas for openzgy_v1 and segy_v1 are imported from the schema repo here

  2. Schema managers for seismicmeta, openzgy_v1 and segy_v1 are added. All of the logic to validate input on a schema is abstracted into respective schema manager types

  3. Dataset register, patch methods now uses a common function to add defaults for the storage schema record

  4. Dataset get method is updated to apply schema transforms on respective schema types. Multiple data transformers can now be chained and the output can be returned to the client in the supported schema type. All of the logic to perform these schema transforms are encapsulated in respective schema manager types.

  5. Storage record for a particular version can be retrieved by passing record-version query parameter to the dataset GET method

  6. Postman E2E tests are updated for dataset operations using seismicmeta, openzgy_v1 and segy_v1

  7. OpenAPI yaml documentation updates to import the schemas directly from sdms codebase

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