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feat: parametrize user claim identifiers using env vars and add user association service provider factory

Varunkumar Manohar requested to merge slb/vm/parametrize-subid-email into master

This MR accomplishes the following

  1. Introduces the ability to pass principal identifiers via environment variables. For invoking entitlements-svc APIs, this principal identifier is read from the environment variable USER_ID_CLAIM_FOR_ENTITLEMENTS_SVC and for all others it is read from USER_ID_CLAIM_FOR_SDMS

  2. Provides an ability to obtain user-association-service-provider using a factory. Using typescript decorators and corresponding identifiers, user-association-svc-providers can now be extended. The runtime using the environment variable USER_ASSOCIATION_SVC_PROVIDER can instantiate the right provider. For instance, when the environment variable USER_ASSOCIATION_SVC_PROVIDER is set to slb-ccm-internal, the associated implementation of the user-association-svc interaction can be used by the consumer.

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