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feat: enforce conventional commits for every update and fix husky hook execution

Varunkumar Manohar requested to merge slb/vm/enforceconventionalcommits into master

This MR achieves the following

  1. Fixes the execution of husky hooks
    • Fixes the issue with secret scanner execution during the precommit phase of a check-in
  2. Ensures husky hooks work with a monorepo structure
    • Husky has a requirement that the .git and pakcage.json needs to be at the root of the repo.
    • Using npm prepare scripts the requirement is achieved
  3. Enforce conventional commits on every check-in to the source base
    • @commitlint/cli, commitlint/config-conventional are added as dev dependencies
  4. Fixes commitizen configuration to align with the monrepo structure

If the commit messages do not follow the conventional commits syntax, the following error is displayed to the user


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