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code rebased with contribution from SLB

Diego Molteni requested to merge slb/dm3/code-contribuion-02-2021 into master
  • The subproject ACLs are now saved along with the model and the concept of editor has been merged into the admin/owner one. This as part of the integration activity to migrate the concept of subproject to DE data groups (data groups have only admin/owner and viewers as roles).
  • The subproject create and patch endpoint have been modified so the user is now capable to defined its own ACLs (The service default groups will be kept).
  • The service mutable endpoints have been made idempotent on x-seismic-dms-lockid header key
  • The delete endpoint now returns 200 if the dataset does not exist (404 before)
  • The copy operation is now detached via bull framework
  • The abstraction has now a new layer to allow provider specific operations. Added a new method to for check existence of extra required parameters (google only - azure/ibm bypass) for the subproject create endpoint (storage class/location)
  • Renamed 2 methods in the abstraction for support the storage access model via service credentials (down-scope access)
  • Mutex on dataset on mutable endpoints is now applied via cache. This will unique access to the journal on mutable calls and transactions are not longer required.
  • Unit tests have been reviewed
  • Regression tests have been reviewed and fixed for support gitlab execution
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