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Catalogue redesigned [GOOGLE ONLY] + shared cache connections

Diego Molteni requested to merge slb/dm3/dbfix into master
  • replace the deprecated body-parser with the one exposed by the express module
  • The "shared cache" connection is now distribute to all components. The locker and the bull-copy still have their own connection to redis.
  • [GOOGLE ONLY] The internal catalogue has been re-designed to eliminate expensive query operations in favor of more performant lookup calls. The "path/dataset_name" is now used as table key. This will apply to newly created subproject. This change won't affect old collections.
  • Fixed un-handled exceptions by catching errors and logging them.
  • Tenant and Subproject metadata are not handled in the shared cache (to reduce the hit rates to the catalogue)
  • Removed email requirement on app registration
  • Fixed integral/unit test
  • Applied grammar check on modified files. Fixed several typos and grammar constructions.
Edited by Diego Molteni

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