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Additional telemetry

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/perflogger into master

Add more information output from the telemetry module enabled by OPENZGY_MEASURE_KB.

  • In the periodic output, include a timestamp.
  • In the periodic output, include average latency for the interval.

Also some additions in the bells & whistles category

  • In the periodic output, include the ZGY file name in addition to the id.
  • Optionally use a different logfile for each ZgyReader, named by id.

Considered but not implemented; add if considered useful Yes these are also quick to implement, but will anybody use them?

  • In the periodic output, include standard deviation of latency.
  • When using one log file per ZgyReader, name it after the zgy file name instead of using the sequential id.

A tip regarding the timestamp: This is reported as seconds since the unix epoch (i.e. 1/1/1970 0:00 GMT).

The main reason for using the timestamp is to make it the X axis in a scatter plot. In this case a plain number is needed.

If you want to display the date and/or time in a spreadsheet, convert the timestamp using the formula


and then just change the cell to display date and time. Or just time if you prefer. Getting the time in the local timezone is left as an exercise.

Faster but less portable, this formula hard codes the spreadsheet's epoch


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