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Fix indexing issue on Bulk inspector.

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/bulk_inspector into master

This is a request to port private PR 207657 to the OSDU repository for OpenZGY.

Note: We have not yet decided on how frequent we want to make OSDU merge requests. Or even whether we should just do all our development in the OSDU repository instead of staging them in a private repository first.

My suggestion is that for now we will have roughly the same granularity of pull requests in OSDU as we have in the private repository. In those cases where changes were pushed directly to master (shame on me!) just group related changes as if they were made in a pull request.

Typically it will be the same developer that submits the PR in both repositories. In this case I have submitted a PR based on somebody else's work as an example of what I suggest we do. Feel free to reject this PR and create a new one with the correct owner.

NOTE: I have only copied the files; I have not tested the change. Can the original author please review?

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