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Miscellaneous unrelated tweaks

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/tweaks into master

Miscellaneous unrelated tweaks.

  1. Parallel upload to cloud is now on by default.

  2. Change the meaning of segsize to be the actual blob size in seismic store. Not the memory buffer size which is now segsize*segsplit. The old code had it the other way around: segsize was the memory buffer size and the actual blob size ended up as segsize/segsplit.

  3. Change the default chunk size in the stand alone copy tool. Was 128x128x0, is now 64x256x0. When the file is later read from the cloud it can be slightly faster to read inlines. Reading other directions, and reading from on-prem files, should be unaffected.

  4. Improved and consolidated handling of exceptions inside OpenMP loops.

  5. Found and removed another warning about alpha status code. This time in the generated PDF files.

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