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Update build rules

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/buildrules into master

Change the docker-build and docker-test make targets to work similar to the GitLab setup. Tests are run in an environment where only deployed artifacts are visible. Not intermediate build output, and not source code. This helps verify that the deployed binary package is good.

Do the same change to the Azure DevOps configuration.

Note: There are currently 4 ways of building and testing the software.

  • make -- plain build on local machine.
  • make docker -- build on local machine using docker.
  • Azure DevOps -- build in an Azure pipeline.
  • GitLab -- build in a GitLab pipeline.

Additionally improve the handling of impersonation tokens used for Seismic Store testing. This code depends on two site-specific scripts that are not committed to the repository. Nor would that make much sense. Most installations won't need them anyway.

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