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Sync with the SLB-internal repository

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/omnibus-june-2024 into master

Push changes in the SLB-internal repository to the open source OSDU build.

The main change to users of the library is a new ZgyWriterArgsV3 that allows overriding the version guid on create. This can be used when making a copy of a zgy file when the caller can guarantee that the copy will be effectively identical to the source.

ZgyWriterArgsV3 is also more future-proof. It should now be possible to add new members without breaking binary compatibility or needing to create yet another class. At least in most cases. So, applications might want to switch to that ZgyWriterArgsV3 even if not needing the additional settings.

List of commits, oldest first.

  • Propagate both V1 and V2 writer arguments down to the impl layer.
  • Parsing of guid strings.
  • Support ZgyWriterArgsV2::guidsfrom() to allow re-using "verid" from another file.
  • Add --keepguids option to zgycopyc.
  • More explanation of the rules for --keepguids.
  • Add code to check that --keepguids is valid.
  • Additional documentation.
  • Remove unused ZgyWriterArgsV2Impl::parent_. A future V3 will likely use a different mechanism.
  • OPENZGY_LODMODE and OPENZGY_LOD_xxx have precedence over settings in code.
  • Move EnumMapper to a separate file, and add unit tests.
  • Implement V3 of the ZgyWriterArgs.
  • Start using V3. Note, intentionally breaks compilation.
  • Use the V3 version of ZgyWriterArgs internally. Most unit tests still use V1 or V2.
  • Have Mock recognize V3 of the argument package.
  • Switch ZgyCopy to use the V3 argument package.
  • Crossing T's and dotting I's.
  • Switch the Python wrapper to use the V3 argument package.
  • Additional tests. Also fix a bug where (lo*hi<0) got numerical underflow.
  • Retire BulkInspector and MetaInspector.

Devops: Mostly changes to the SLB-Internal builds. In the open source repository these are FYI only. It also simplifies the sync to have the two repositories practically identical.

  • Devops: Force clean build of all pipelines.
  • Devops: React to breaking change in Python setuptools.
  • Devops: Run the Python installer tests on all distros.
  • Devops: Do not run the Python installer tests on the deprecated omega pipeline.
  • Devops: Switch SDAPI version on Linux to #29eff5cf in the source tree.
  • Devops: Headers in the SDAPI SDK can now be both *.h and *.hh.
  • Devops: Yet another extra restore to get windows working again.
  • Devops: CentOS 8 soon to be retired.
  • Devops: Update the manual scripts to add jammy and noble.
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