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Support Ubuntu 24.04 noble with g++ 13

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/gcc13 into master

Support Ubuntu 24.04 noble with g++ 13

  • Add fixes contributed by Jon Jenssen.
  • Fix bug that had not shown up with older compilers.
  • Add Docker files and update Azure DevOps configuration for use in the SLB-internal repository. As usual, these only count as examples when viewed in the OSDU repository.

The seismic-dms-cpp-lib library (SDAPI) has not been updated yet for g++ 13. So, OpenZGY should be built without sdms support. Temporarily Using older SDAPI binaries with the g++13 OpenZGY binaries might technically work. But that has neither been built nor tested. Setting up an Ubuntu 24.04 build in gitlab is not possible yet because the SDAPI team is also responsible for building the 24.04 base image.

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