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Use SDManager::create

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/sdmanager-create into master

OpenZGY is changed to use SDManager::create(serialized) instead of calling the constructor and then the appropriate setAuthProviderXXX(). This allows using credential types that are not visible in the API. And potentially not even present when was built.

Currently this change is not much help, since the overload of SDManager::create needed to get this to work is one of those methods that are deemed SLB private and needs to be patched into SDManager. So this pull request essentially switches from using one set of SLB private methods to another.

If the open source version of SDAPI is changed to support SAuth, even if it doesn't show up in the API, then this allows OpenZGY to use the new credential types without maintaining two separate sets of build pipelines. And, it allows applications linking with SDAPI from OSDU to use that functionality.

Note that only normal tokens and client credentials grant have been tested. Because I don't know how to create the other SAuth types. The risk of those not working is high. But any bugs in that code will not affect those types that have been tested.

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