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Consume newer versions

Paal Kvamme requested to merge kvamme62/version-changes into master

Multiple changes to how the software is built. Some of these only apply to building inside the SLB repository. Or to anybody using those rules as a template. Others apply to the OSDU GitLab builds as well.

This brings the OSDU repository up to date with 5ba212d3 in the internal SLB repository.

The following does apply to the OSDU / GitLab builds:

Since the last commit, the dependencies of SDAPI (i.e. Azure Storage SDK and others) have been significantly upgraded. The same applies to compilers and system libraries. The previous version was from 2022-06-14. This change will not be obvious from the logs. The dependencies are built inside the Seismic DMS suite and stored in the Docker container registry for that project. The OpenZGY build just pulls "latest" from that repository. Combining it with the actual latest version of the SDAPI source code.

Going forward, the plan is to automatically upgrade those dependencies every few weeks. It should then not be necessary to warn about big changes like this one.

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