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Merge patches for 3.4.1 release

Morten Ofstad requested to merge feature/morten.ofstad/Release3.4.1 into 3.4
  • Add CoreFoundation and SystemConfiguration frameworks as dependencies for MacOS when building Curl ourselves.
  • Improve error reporting for corrupted VDS files in VolumeDataStoreVDSFile.
  • Make sure range is initialized in VolumeDataStoreIOManager::PrepareReadChunkImpl() -- this was causing problems for reading uncompressed VDSs from Azure (and probably other CSPs).
  • Fix potential out-of-bounds read in CopyFrom1Bit function, note that this function is not currently used anywhere.
  • Limit the format passed to Wavelet_Decompress to be the original format or a quantized version so conversion from integer formats to R32 are handled the same as for other compression methods.
  • Add RequestVolumeSubsetIntegerFormatConversionU8/U16 tests.
  • Only move from upload/download handler after checking from error in DmsIoManagerFactory. Use the same pattern for extracting response string in all places.
  • Disable libidn2 when building Curl since we're going to link statically and we don't want to add extra dependencies. If not disabled, Curl's build system uses check_library_exists to determine if it should be used, but we don't know that we have to add extra libraries to the linker command-line if it does.
  • Determine AWS region for bucket with HeadBucket operation (
  • Update README.

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