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Prepare 3.4 release

Morten Ofstad requested to merge feature/morten.ofstad/Prepare3.4Release into 3.4
  • Clean up chunking support, fix all IOManagers so they all use exclusive IORanges and subtract 1 when creating the range HTTP header.
  • Added support for chunked datasets
  • Downgrade Abseil to version 20230125.4 which is the last one to support VS2017.
  • Add OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH when building curl and aws-crt and make sure to set PKG_CONFIG_USE_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=ON when building aws-crt since they forgot to set cmake_minimum_required which means pkg_check_modules in FindOpenSSL would return information for the system openssl instead of the one we built.
  • Add all available compression information to compression-info from VDSInfo.
  • SEGYImport fix for SEGY with descending secondary keys
  • Fix missing initialization of new VolumeIndexer in CreateTempBufferIndexer overloads that take an existing VolumeIndexer as a parameter.
  • Update ManyLinux to 2_28 since 2_24 is EOL and has too old compilers to work with new versions of abseil.
  • Reduce build parallelism for gitlab-ci.
  • Do not install link libraries on Linux/MacOS.
  • Change order of Abseil libs so they work with single-scan linkers on Linux.
  • Set INSTALL_RPATH correctly for MacOS.
  • Update openssl and make sure to set libdir when configuring.
  • Fix library names for Absl/Crc32c/GCP for Linux/MacOS.
  • Move back to alpine:latest after updating the dependencies to versions that compile with GCC 13.
  • Include stdint.h where needed. It was pulled in indirectly by string.h prior to GCC 13.
  • Specify C++14 standard when building abseil and google cloud libraries. Make the dependencies of google cloud libraries depend on the actual packages built rather than test for platform.
  • Update GCP dependencies to latest versions that compile with GCC 13.
  • Update GCP to version 1.19.0 and build as external project (with abseil and Crc32c built as separate external projects). bd30b11e Fix PyGlobal so it doesn't include the constructor for DMSOpenOptions that take a authProviderCallback argument.
  • Update Azure SDK for C++ to latest version (1.10.3).
  • Allow pip to break system packages in the alpine Dockerfile. Alpine now uses Python 3.11 that implements the new PEP 668, Marking Python base environments as “externally managed”.
  • Clean up java CMakeLists and add missing and files.
  • Fix unused variable and catch by value warnings (treated as errors) in RequestVolumeTraces tests.
  • Improve SimpleRequestVolumeTraces tests so it takes LOD into account (but still only tests LOD 0 by default). Add new TestLODTracesRequest test based on Julien Lacoste's Java code that reproduced the issue with RequestVolumeTraces when LOD > 0.
  • Fix RequestVolumeTraces when LOD > 0.
  • Initialize VolumeSampler in InterpolatingVolumeDataAccessor correctly when LOD > 0.
  • Use consistent capitalization of LOD.
  • Fix resource usage that were moved from
  • Fix alpine linux to version 3.18 for the time being until we can update all dependencies.

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