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Merge commits for 3.3.1 release

Morten Ofstad requested to merge feature/morten.ofstad/Release3.3.1 into 3.3
  • Refactor IOManager creation so it's possible to share a CurlHandler between the IOManagers created by IOManagerDmsProxy. This avoids the CurlHandler getting deleted when token refresh happens.
  • Refactor IOManagerDmsProxy code so the token expiry and refresh through ensureIOManager() is in the IOManagerDMSProxy and not in the DMSIOManagerFactory. Use shared_ptr and mutex to make sure one thread is not refreshing the IOManager while another thread tries to use it.
  • Add an example of how to calculate the corners of the survey based on the VDS metadata.
  • Return the variable back (GONRG-7814)
  • Update IbmDmsIoManagerFactory.cpp
  • Add KnownMetadata definitions for statistics metadata.
  • Added a Python version of the 'getting started' documentation (using the new tab-set-code feature from sphinx-design).
  • Fix OpenSSL Build
  • Print a warning and require --ignore-warnings to be used if SEGYImport is used with WaveletNormalizeBlock/WaveletNormalizeBlockLossless compression methods.
  • Require Sphinx version < 7 since there are several releases in the 7 series that don't work and I don't have time to figure out exactly where it broke. Earlier attempt to pin it to 6.2.1 didn't work because the manylinux containers don't have new versions.
  • Update CMakeLists to check for the right dependencies for the doc build.
  • Replace recommonmark with MyST (which removes the need for the sphinx-markdown-tables extension which never worked properly) and add the sphinx-design module to the documentation build system.
  • Exclude Sphinx version 7.2.5 as it breaks our Python documentation (see
  • Fix off-by-one error in header format file parsing. Fix the byte-range style header-field arguments so they match the way they are commonly written in SEG-Y text headers. Add more validation of header-field arguments so it's impossible to specify an illegal header field.

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