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Merge patches for release 3.2.6

Morten Ofstad requested to merge feature/morten.ofstad/Release3.2.6 into 3.2
  • Mark version 3.2.6
  • Fix invalid descriptor validation to avoid erroring out on primary channel...
  • Make default LogLevel None, but install default log callback
  • Make error in curl handler be a trace log message
  • Fix spelling mistake in loginterface (not public API)
  • Add python loglevel enum
  • Add test
  • Fix overload
  • Update VS project files
  • Bugfixes. Return results!
  • Remove CPPJNI_createObjectContextWithBuffer and use only registerBuffer instead.
  • Regenerate wrappers for RequestProjectedVolumeSubset() with safe buffer.
  • Add templated overload for RequestProjectedVolumeSubset() with user supplied buffer.
  • Regenerated RequestVolumeDataSubset methods with new persistent buffer functionality
  • Made getObjectBuffer() a static method on CPPJNIObjectContext
  • Add functionality to attach an owned buffer (by means of a GlobalRef) to an object context

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