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Merge branch 'update-minio-bootstrap' into 'master'

Aliaksandr Ramanovich (EPAM) requested to merge cherry-pick-12460630 into release/0.26

Update buckets bootstrap

See merge request !1483 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 12460630)

26489ef2 move wellbore bucket from system to partition specific 9b678ed9 update minio bootstrap 93f9bd05 update bucket creation 4368b209 fix schema bucket names in baremetal 4a844f22 fix local names for buckets IAM b2ca6a03 set wellbore bucket in one locals 99b61ff8 fix version for partition helm 48b217c3 revert changes for bucket names

Co-authored-by: Aliaksandr Ramanovich (EPAM)

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