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Enhancement of Put File api Call in Dataset Service for Azure: Addition of New Header Parameter

Jayesh Bagul requested to merge az/jb_ingest_by_reference into master

This MR goals is to resolve issue (5).


  • A new header parameter, "x-ms-blob-type," has been incorporated for adding a file to the dataset service.(File)
  • The "put file" is utilizing the OSDU API, where the "add_headers" process has already been handled within the "make_request" function.
  • This merge request encompasses Azure-specific changes, since a condition was added to verify the cloud provider environment variable, which is unique to CSP.


  • The "x-ms-blob-type" header is used in the Azure Blob storage service to specify the type of blob that is being uploaded. It ensures that the correct type of blob is being uploaded. The accepted values for the "x-ms-blob-type" header is "BlockBlob".

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