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Get all workflows

Mayank Saggar [Microsoft] requested to merge get-all-workflows into h2-ingestion

Added a new workflow api with UTs and ITs.

Get All Workflows starting with prefix API with rest end point : /workflow/?prefix="test"

3 Parameters can be specified for this get request namely: prefix(required) limit and cursor.

Queries the database for all the workflows having the specified prefix. The resulting items are sorted by timestamp in descending order. Limit specified provides the first no. of items from the list. cursor is a continuation token to query further records.

ITs for the api:

  • Success cases when:
    • only prefix is provided
    • prefix and limit are provided
    • prefix, limit and cursor are provided
  • Bad request when:
    • no parameters given
    • no prefix is given
    • invalid limit : less than or equal to 0, or more than a defined limit(50 currently).
    • invalid cursor
  • Unauthorized case with no access token and no data access token.
  • Unauthorized when given invalid partition id

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