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Adding system dags support in core

Aalekh Jain requested to merge SystemDags-Core into master

Link to the ADR: #118 (closed)

Changes required for AWS, GCP and IBM

The following SPIs needs to be implemented for AWS, GCP and IBM -

  1. IWorkflowSystemMetadataRepository (Link to azure implementation for reference: here)

  2. IAdminAuthorizationService (Link to azure implementation for reference: here)

Once these SPIs are implemented, the ITs for the corresponding can be extended for each of the cloud provider by extending the base abstract class which is - DeleteSystemWorkflowV3IntegrationTests and PostCreateSystemWorkflowV3IntegrationTests. For reference, this is how it's done for azure.

  1. Extending ITs for delete system workflow -

  2. Extending ITs for create system workflow -

The expected behaviour of system workflows is presented in the ADR.

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