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Fixed issue in swagger input parameter by upgrading Swagger 2 to Swagger 3

Abhiman Neelakanteswara requested to merge bug/fix_swagger_issue into master


A bug was raised mentioned that the input parameters in the params field for the GET /{workflow_name}/workflowRun API were not accepted. The API did not work from the swagger page but however, worked with Postman.


The issue was Swagger 2 was unable to serialize parameters from JSON input to a GET API. This feature is only supported in Open API Spec(OAS)>3.0. Hence, the springfox-swagger version has been updated to 3.0.0

Known Issues

Recommended library for OAS 3.0 is springdoc-openapi-ui. However, the latest version of this library has an inline script in the index.html of the OAS page. This is currently not allowed according to the security policy in our azure deployment.

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