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WKS relationship enhancements

Khilesh Sahu requested to merge slb-relationship-enhancements into master

This Merge Request contains enhancements transformation for WKS relationship.

Raw records maintain relationships with other entity records using relationship blocks. This relationship should also be maintained for WKS records. We expect relationship block to have standard schema as defined in wks\wks-core\src\main\resources\schema\OneToManyRelationship.json and wks\wks-core\src\main\resources\schema\OneToOneRelationship.json.

If WKS record not found for related raw record id then pending status will be maintained in datastore.

This datastore will be in user tenant.

WKS Status Store:

  • GCP Datastore Namespace : dataecosystem
  • GCP Datastore Kind : wksStatus

Datastore columns for maintaining pending status for relationship

column description
rawIRecordId Id of raw record that is being transformed
rawRecordVersion version of raw record
mappingId MappingId used for transformation
wksRecordId Id of generated WKS record
Status Relationship mapping pending
pendingEntities comma separated list of entities for which relationship is pending
pending ids comma separated list of raw ids for which relationship is pending
updatedDate Date at which relationship mapping last attempted

Please check flow diagram for WKS relationship block transformation


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