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Resolve "Multi file parse/load support."

Niall McDaid requested to merge 10-multi-file-ingest-support into main

Closes #10 (closed)

Note: I have included changes here from branch 9-add-support-for-well-bore-log-download-from-an-osdu-cloud-instance. The only changes I have made myself are in, (typo correction), (typo correction).

Ingest CLI command now checks whether the provided input path is a file or directory and then acts accordingly for ingesting the file(s).

If it is a path to a LAS file, the path to the associated config file must also be provided. If it is a path to a directory, that directory should include the LAS files and associated config files (they must be named identically apart from the file extension - e.g. las_to_ingest.las, las_to_ingest.json). The config path parameter is therefore not required and is ignored if one is provided.

If an ingest fails in a bulk upload, the program will log it and continue onto the next file in the directory.

Note: I have manually tested this but have not added unit tests as it is not very unit-testable. Testing of this may be best done through integration or manual testing.

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