Commit 4424de99 authored by Kishore Battula's avatar Kishore Battula
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Merge branch 'k8-rollout-fix' into 'master'

Bug Fix: adding the rollout status of deployment for service status verification.

See merge request osdu/platform/deployment-and-operations/infra-azure-provisioning!81
parents 3957395a 5f7108a5
......@@ -67,3 +67,7 @@ steps:
echo "Checking Deployment $SERVICE_NAME Available"
echo "----------------------------------------"
kubectl wait --for=condition=available --timeout=600s deployment/$SERVICE_NAME -n osdu
echo "Checking for deployment $SERVICE_NAME READY!!"
echo "----------------------------------------"
kubectl rollout status deployment.v1.apps/$SERVICE_NAME -n osdu --timeout=900s
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